The Fast Track to a Deeply Fulfilling 6 Figure Practice and Beyond...

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Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Natural Doctors, Therapists, and Healers...

What if I taught you everything I know about building a multi 6, even 7 figure practice?

Even better, what if I showed you step-by-step every single thing you need to do to build your practice in a fraction of the time it takes most?

  1. Literally, everything.

From setting up your website the right way, to dominating local Google searches, to creating a fan page with thousands of engaged leads and clients, to running Facebook ads that convert like crazy, to building cross referral relationships with doctors and other business owners, to networking and speaking.. email marketing.. blogging..SEO...boosting word of marketing.. client retention and education... ALL of it.

And better still, what if you could not only learn the exact steps needed to be in the top 5% of practice owners, but you transformed into the BEST version of yourself possible— confident, aligned, and totally at peace with the process of reaching your goals? And what if your work didn’t feel like “work” in the bad sense of word…and you knew exactly how to “attract” people who are a pleasure to work with and ready to receive what you alone have to offer?

And I did it all in my usual “less but better” style so that anyone could simply “click after me.”

Yep, even you.

Even if you’re a technophobe, have no marketing background, haven't had much success in your practice yet, or are overwhelmed by all this 'social media' stuff.

Granted. I’m assuming you’re an amazing practitioner who truly does offer a powerful service to your clients or patients.

But if that’s correct, it’s time I told you about my new coaching program, Practice On Fire.

Oh, great, another practice management course.” Not quite.


This is me giving you a piggyback ride to building a highly profitable and fulfilling practice. It’s different than anything else out there because:

1) The focus is on speed and simplicity.

This means you can quickly scale your practice to your ideal level and bypass all of the pitfalls that keep about 90% of practice owners stuck in survival and mediocrity.

(Trust me-- you never learned how to do this in school... and that's a BIG part of the problem).

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather do everything possible to grow FAST. I can’t stand playing the waiting game, and I suspect it doesn't sit well with you either. And I hate conventional wisdom that says this needs to take 5-10 years, or that you shouldn't expect to make any real money while following your passion. Total nonsense.

2) It’s only for practitioners who are serious about their success and are thinking BIG.

Sorry, but if your practice is merely a hobby, or you don't really care about being financially successful while making a big impact, this isn't for you.

If I need to convince you that enjoying true abundance through your unique gifts is a good thing... then you can move right along.

When you follow the principles in Kevin's work, you will release your full potential for abundant living.

Brian Tracy Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker


..And this isn't about spending 8 weeks together on your 'branding' or how to design your logo (just use Google honestly). This is about high leverage, customized content and training that you simply can not get anywhere else... that directly impacts your bottom line. So while I can't help you create a fancier version of something that also won't work very well, my track record suggests I CAN help you make a lot more money in your practice, reduce your stress, increase your confidence and self-worth, and create something that you truly enjoy, that doesn't feel like 'work.'

Which brings me to number three.

3) Theory gets thrown in the garbage.

If I haven’t already proven it in my own business, I don’t teach it.

It makes me sick to think about all the time and money I’ve wasted taking the advice of this or that guru or practice management consultant, only to find it leads to a dead end.

That stuff always sounds so smart; then you do it and it bombs. Maybe it’s outdated. Or maybe it only works in certain industries. Or maybe it never did work.

Either way, I’m not gonna be reckless with your money. Me? I’m all about teaching what has actually worked for me, and for thousands of my students.

So inside Practice On Fire, it’s all practice; no preach. Everything’s documented on camera so you’ll always know, with complete certainty, what works today.

Format (watch this video for an overview)

Practice On Fire allows you to hang with me, virtually, for 2 months… as I show you how to go fast using the most effective marketing and practice management strategies available.

Here’s what’s included:

  • * A private video library that is PACKED with short, actionable modules — entirely updated for 2017 (all NEW content.. yes, if you’ve taken one of my older programs, you should join me).  You will have lifetime access to ALL of the online training.

    * A clients only Facebook group

    * 2 live Q & A webinars with Kevin


The Members Area is divided into 3 main sections

Inner Development

Mindset training and entrepreneurial skill development

Business Development

Internet marketing, social media, automated systems, web design, and traditional marketing

Passive Income

Online courses, email list building, group programs, Facebook ads

    In each of these 3 sections, there are a variety of sub sections— all organized and easy to locate what you’re looking for.

    Inner Development includes modules on:

    • Implementing a daily success ritual
    • Tapping into heightened states of flow and productivity
    • Becoming an empowered leader
    • Transcending survival mode
    • Radiating confidence and purpose
    • Heightening your Presence with clients to get better results
    • Upgrading your reality so you know exactly how to re-invent yourself
    • Instant freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns

    Business development includes modules on:

    • Ideal client/patient avatar exercises
    • The 'Practice Accelerator' client attraction system 
    • Setting up your website for maximum impact and sales
    • Filling your practice FAST with Facebook
    • Using SEO and online reviews to drive new business on autopilot
    • Networking and speaking mastery
    • Using video for tremendous expert positioning and celebrity status
    • You'll also get an entire section of this program dedicated to passive income through digital products!

    30 DAY
    Money Back Guarantee


    Click the link above to get started now for $997.00.  You'll also see a 2 or 3 pay option on the check out page.

    Yup. I know. It may sound like a lot. But, let me ask you this:

    How much exactly did you spend on your clinical education? Me? It was, all things considered, about $125,000. Did I EVER learn how to market and build a profitable business? Nope. Did I struggle immensely in my first few years because of this? Yep.

    Funny how we are willing to drop 100k or more to develop our skills, but then frown at a mere fraction of that investment in order to learn how to get people in the door so we can actually use these skills.

    Next question-- How much is each new client or patient worth to you? If you charge $75 and they come in an average of 10 visits, that would be right around $750. You'd need to get around 1-2 new clients from what you'll learn in this program in order to recoup your investment. Do you think we can do that?

    Heck, I have a TON of clients who used my strategies to go to 50, 100, or even 200+ patients a week. Can I guarantee I can do the same for you? No. But I CAN guarantee I will give you everything I have to get you as successful as you want to be.

    Third question: How much is it costing you to stay stuck where you are right now? How much business are you losing by not knowing how to market? (Yeah, it's a sobering question... but super important to take an honest look at this).

    “Point taken, Kevin. But $997? Damn. Whaddya want me to do–rob a bank? Why wouldn’t I just go buy a cheaper course?” You could. That’s what I did initially too. Guess what I found? Most 'consultants' and their courses and programs are not at all tailored to natural health professionals.

    They are too generic... and they won't meet you head on and address your specific challenges. Honestly some of ’em were pretty good. On paper. Not so much in real-life. You know, when my money was on the line. I mean. I did exactly what I was taught every time… and all I ever ended up with was a swollen credit card statement and a new stack of 'to do' lists that left me more confused and overwhelmed.

    In hindsight, how could someone in dozens of different industries… spending client money… know what was gonna work for ME? Duh. They couldn’t. Look, there's a reason I'm doing this. I was deeply frustrated by the lack of resources available when I was building my practice.

    Even now, I am shocked by how little "quality" training is available. Yeah, you got a lot of consultants in the chiropractic industry who are decent marketers. The problem is, that 'hard sell' stuff doesn't work for the people who embrace my approach.

    I tend to work with "deep thinkers", introverts, and spiritually aware people who also see the value in building a REAL business that makes money. Typical marketing strategies are a BIG turn off for my crowd... and for me as well.

    If you're an honest, pretty deep, committed practitioner who is turned off by most forms of marketing and sales, nobody’s more qualified to teach you what works than I am.

    I have no qualms saying that because I've seen everything else out there, and I can say with 100% conviction that you can't get what I can offer you from any other source. That's also why I'm totally cool with it if this isn't for you, or if you think it's too 'expensive.'

    Practice On Fire is worth every penny of $997.00. All you need is a good client or two to justify the investment.

    ​What Kevin's Clients Have To Say

    Gabriel Kesselman, L.Ac.

    Having just opened my new business in December, I've been focused on the coaching material you provided. I have had my busiest and most profitable 2 week period ever, including from my previous practice that I owned for 5 years. Even with the snow storms, things are booming for me. I'm very grateful for Kevin's help.  Gabriel Kesselman, L.Ac.

    I can't recommend Kevin's program enough! This is the marketing approach I was looking for as a holistic practitioner and I am so grateful to be a part of this fabulous group with a wonderful coach.  Maha Nasr, Holistic Health Practitioner and Author

    Maha Nasr, Holistic Health Practitioner and Author
    Karin Monster Peters  Psychologist, Life Coach, Yogi, Energy Healer

    This group has changed my business AND my life. I highly recommend you join! It's not just the amazing resources and support that Kevin offers, but this group becomes your family.  Karin Monster Peters Psychologist, Life Coach, Yogi, Energy Healer

    Kevin offers information that is useful, practical, and easy to follow. The tools he provides make each step easy to complete and his webinars make marketing understandable and attainable. His techniques have been invaluable in growing my business.  Hillary Roland, ND

    Hillary Roland, ND
    Heather Pearman, DC

    Kevin, what parallel universe did you morph out of?!! You are truly amazing! I have worked with other coaches and this is not to knock them, but I do have something else to compare my experiences to. You are a Saviour. You are teaching us how to see things from an entirely different light. I was at that all time high and complacency set in and then the Universe put it’s foot into my butt, and everything flipped, not realizing that there was more work for me to do while on this mission called life. Biggest blessing because it led me here.

    Doing the awareness practices have allowed me to increase confidence, motivation and perspective. I’ve learned and am continuing to learn to “trust” the process of what’s happening. I have increased clarity and awareness and also appreciation as well. I’ve been resistant to meditation up until now. Now, I make sure I never miss a day. I’m attracting new clients – the ones I really want to work with. I practice energy medicine and this has been a great asset!  Heather Pearman, DC

    The first thing I noticed since I started doing the prosperity meditation was my phone started ringing more, and consequently, my schedule started filling up-Yay! Suddenly I didn’t have enough room in my schedule to accommodate my clients. Also I notice I have been able to maintain a sense of peace deep within. I feel more confident about clients compensating me for what my services are really worth–not wishy-washy or shy. I feel more confident in my own skin. And one of my most FAVORITE things that I’ve noticed is that, whenever a doubtful thought about finances even BEGINS to creep in to my awareness, my mind automatically retracts that thought, and replaces it with the idea that I already have everything I need. All I can say is WOW! I am SO grateful.  Ginnie Levine, LMT

    Ginnie Levine, LMT
    "Kevin's work has revolutionized my mindset, my vision, and my practice." 

    Harinder Ghatora Holistic Coach and Therapist

    "My new practice was profitable in the first 4 months and after 18 months, we hit 6 figures, and now we are maxed out." 

    Katie Edwards, owner of Bliss Wellness Center

    "My email list has grown by 1,500 subscribers and my fan page by 1,000 fans in the first month of coaching with Kevin."

    Jeffrey Kamke, Personal Development Coach | Life Enhancement Association

    "I'm seeing 25 new members in my fitness center consistently."

    David Beares/Owner of 39 Minute Fitness​

    "Kevin is a maestro at clearing the inner blocks to success."

    Seth Grossman, PsyD

    "Kevin is an expert at social media marketing. If you're thinking about working with him, you should do it."

    Dr. Heidi Skye Keller

    I am flooded with deep appreciation for all that you have done for me to transform my consciousness around wealth and business. Your approach is so filled with truth, integrity, and power! You have made a hugely positive impact on my life, which is now filled with miracles and abundance... and my healing practice is growing more now than it ever has.

    Amy Allen, DC
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